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Who Are We?

After 26 years of military life, we can now focus on our passion for helping animals as well as the community. Kim was a teacher for 24 years and has been a foster working with local organizations, as well as supporting the TNR efforts of feral cats in Hampton Roads. Philip has his BS in HR Management and has volunteered for PAWs for many years.

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND. We are working with local shelters and rescue organizations to place adoptable cats and kittens in our cafe. For the safety of all of our animals and patrons, we are not able to take in strays and unvetted felines from individuals. All felines at our cafe are fully vaccinated, and spay or neutered. In addition, this is only a place for the rescue cats to receive interaction from the community and not for pets to accompany their owners. Please do not hesitate to reach out to ask any questions. We will have a list of rescues and organizations that may be able to assist you for any feral or rehoming of cats or kittens. 

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