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  • What is a cat cafe and what do you do here?
    This cat cafe provides a lounge atmosphere that serves as a foster home for adoptable felines. You can have a pre-packaged snack, grab a drink, or even bring in your lunch or dinner while interacting with happy cage-free rescue felines. Come curl up with a book, write your paper, play a game, or just snuggle up with a purrfect pal.
  • Where do the cats come from?
    We have partnered with local animal shelters and rescues that provide us with fully vetted, spayed/neutered, and vaccinated cats that are ready for adoption. All cats at our cafe must come through a rescue.
  • Why is there an entry fee?
    The entry fee allows us to continue to care for the cats, the facility, and support the community; AND the adoption fees go directly back to the shelters and rescues!
  • How does adoption work here?
    If you are interested in one of our foster rescues, simply (1) fill out an interest application from our rescue/shelter partners, (2) get approved BY THE RESCUE PARTNER within 2 business days usually. Finally, (3) send the adoption fee directly to the rescue partner. Pick your feline friend up with a carrier at our cafe and smile. For more information see our Adoption Page.
  • Does it smell or will I have fur in my drink?
    We maintain a highly sanitized and clean environment for our guests and our animals. The animals have the cleanest, freshest place to reside with us. There are multiple places for kitties to use the restroom, and pine litter is scooped between clients. Bring food or drink into the interaction area at your discretion.
  • Do I need a reservation?
    You are welcome to come on in anytime we are open! However, it is encouraged to make a reservation as there may be limited space. Note: there are no refunds for cancellations or missed reservations made online. Every time you visit, you must complete a waiver. An adult MUST sign for minors (17 and under) prior to entry. 14-17 year olds can be in the interaction area without adult supervision, but the adult must first sign a waiver.
  • Can I bring my cat or my service animal?
    No. This is a foster home for shelter and homeless cats. Unfortunately, your pets are not allowed in our cafe. We truly value the importance of service animals, however we can not predict the reaction of our rescues towards your well trained service animal.
  • I would like to bring my children (ages 17 and under), are there any rules for them?
    Minors ages 7-14 must be accompanied with an adult. Ages 15-17 must have a signed waiver and can enjoy the Lounge unaccompanied. Ages 6 and under including infants/babies will have special designated sessions for the safety of our animals. Our staff reserves the right to ask you and your child(ren) to leave and return another time should they not promote a peaceful environment and if they are ignoring the rules and policies. We understand children can have a bad day and we hope you understand that returning another time may be in the best interest of everyone.
  • Where do the cats go at night?
    The cafe serves as a foster home for these adoptable pets. They stay at the cafe until they find their furever homes.
  • There is a cat who needs a home. Can you help?
    No. The cafe serves as a liaison for local shelters and rescues. All cats are rescues that are fully vaccinated, dewormed, and treated for the safety of the colony and our guests. ​Please reach out to the local animal rescue groups if you need assistance.


Prior to coming into the cafe, we ask that each visitor watch this short informative overview. 

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